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There are a variety of approaches to getting your work done, typically dependent on your department's desires and a number of considerations such as the nature and complexity of the work, the size or schedule of the project, the decision to “self-manage” or seek “turn-key” delivery - all examples of things that might be considered.

If your desire is to have the FM Shops handle your construction, talking with FM's Project Services Group section might be appropriate. If you wish to have your project construction bid competitively by regional contractors, you might typically work with either the Facilities Contracts office if you are opting to “self-manage” or a CPP Project Manager who could assume full responsibility for successful delivery of the project to you and your unit.

Typically, larger and more complex projects or new building and building addition projects could benefit from having a professional CPP Project Manager assigned to act as your delivery agent and partner with your team.

A more modest renovation, under $2M, might be designed and planned by FM’s in-house Project Services Group and then either negotiated with the FM Shops or competitively bid by a local contractor. Design can also be accomplished by outside architects and engineers managed by you or a Facilities Services provided Project Manager.

To talk further about the wide range of options available and how best to meet your needs, contact any of the following:

Pat Redder, Director, FM Project Services Group

254-2768 or

Gilbert Delgado, University Architect

255-3426 or

Bob Stundtner, Director, Capital Project Management

255-5381 or

Randy Lacey, University Engineer

255-6628 or

Nancy Phelps, Manager, Facilities Contracts

255-3982 or