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Cornell departments can hire engineers from any of the local consulting firms or from in-house staff.

Hire Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering is pleased to offer one of the most diverse and capable engineering design firms in central New York. Facilities Engineering provides consulting and design services for civil, mechanical, environmental and electrical systems, as well as architectural design services. To hire Facilities Engineering, contact Randy Lacey (255-6628, ) or any of the engineering section leaders to describe your need. After meeting with you, Facilities Engineering will prepare a proposal that addresses your need and specifically defines the scope of the design and anticipated engineering fees.

Hire an Engineering Consultant
Engineering consultants are hired through the office of Facilities Contracts. Several local firms are retained on blanket contracts for smaller tasks, which require only an amendment to initiate service. Other firms and larger efforts will require a new contract. The process for hiring an outside engineer is a bit more formal than Facilities Engineering. Typically engineering consultants are engaged using a Request for Proposal (RFP) which defines the customer’s need. An RFP should be specific about the scope of services needed and clearly define the deliverables that are expected. The RFP can be sent to one or many engineering consultants to respond to. Consultants will then submit a proposal for evaluation. If the proposal scope and terms meet the client need, the proposal becomes the base for a contract.

For larger engineering projects selection of an engineering consultant is managed by the University Engineer, Randy Lacey.  If you need help writing an RFP or managing your consultant, the University Engineer can assist you.