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Facilities Management Trade Shops

For work you plan to do with the FM Trade Shops, the following estimating services are available:

Budget Estimates are rough (+/- 25%) estimates to give you a ballpark idea of cost and/or help you decide if you want to proceed with the work.  We do not perform any design work to prepare budget estimates and we provide them at no cost to the requestor.

Fixed Price Estimates are based on a well defined scope of work.  The Shops prepare fixed price bids on a competitive basis with outside contractors, or on a sole source basis when the customer needs to know exactly how much they will spend on a job.  The Shops do not charge for fixed price estimates when we perform the work described in the estimate or have an opportunity to compete for it.  Otherwise we ask that customers cover the cost of preparing the estimate.

You can request either type of estimate by issuing a service request through Customer Service using either the on-line request  or at 255-5322.

Facilities Management Project Services Group

The FM Project Services Group provides conceptual cost estimating for renovation projects as part of our project planning services.   The PSG will meet with you to develop an understanding of your project and then work with you to establish a project plan including articulation of scope, schedule, project delivery method, and approximate project cost. For more information, please call  Pat Redder, Director, 254-2768.

Facilities Management Grounds Department

The Grounds department receives an appropriation to provide landscape maintenance and snow removal.  See the Grounds webpage for a description of their core services.  To request a cost estimate for landscape work that is beyond Ground’s core services, e.g., special flower beds, please call Pete Salino, Director, 254-1661.

Facilities Management Building Care

Building Care receives an appropriation to provide custodial services.  See the Building Care webpage for a description of their core services.  To request a cost estimate for custodial work that is beyond Building Care’s core services, e.g., final cleaning following a construction project, please call Rob Osborn, Director, 254-1300.

Large Projects

For cost estimating and project planning for larger projects, such as building additions or a new building, please contact Capital Projects and Planning at 255-6658 for endowed campus buildings, or the Contract Colleges Facilities Office at 254-4461 for contract college buildings.