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Facility Location:  
This represents emergency response location only, may not reflect occupants mailing address.
122 Sciences Dr
City of Ithaca
NY -
Construction Date:   1967
Gross Area:   56,966 sq ft
Net Area:   50,085 sq ft
Architect:   Ballinger; HOLT
Style:   Modern
Unit Facility Director:   hwc1 - Henry W. Crans,  Jr
Building Coordinators
Maintenance Zone:   Endowed
Campus Site:   29 - Ithaca Main Campus
Jurisdiction:   City of Ithaca
State Owned?:   No
Historic Building:   NL - Not Listed as Landmark
Historic District:   NL - Not Located Within a District
Photo: Space Sciences Building
This building is composed of two four-story masses which embrace a three-story center of dark glass. Brick applied to the side masses is seen to be a veneer due to the lack of corner quoins. Marking the top is a band of differently patterned brick; otherwise only three vertically aligned rectangular vents mark the sides. The glass center is held five feet off the ground and is one story lower than its sides of brick. Striated with bands of concrete reflecting the floor levels and vertical black mullions, the glass allows southern light to flood the honeycombed offices. In 1987 Holt Architects, an Ithaca firm, designed the two floors added to the top of the building. They replicated the lower floors, although the dark glass on the new stories is patterned with black and white panels and vertical black mullions, instead of the concrete bands which indicated the floor levels on the lower stories. A large strip of windows breaks the brick skin on the sixth floor.