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Facility Location:  
This represents emergency response location only, may not reflect occupants mailing address.
142 Sciences Dr
City of Ithaca
NY -
Construction Date:   1965
Gross Area:   243,072 sq ft
Net Area:   216,825 sq ft
Architect:   Warner, Toan & Lunde
Style:   Modern
Unit Facility Director:   tap66 - Todd A. Pfeiffer
Building Coordinators
Maintenance Zone:   Endowed
Campus Site:   29 - Ithaca Main Campus
Jurisdiction:   City of Ithaca
State Owned?:   No
Historic Building:   NL - Not Listed as Landmark
Historic District:   NL - Not Located Within a District
Photo not available for: Clark Hall
Clark Hall models many other buildings on campus with its geometric cube supported by and rising from a low rectilinear base. The base, a band of dark glass lined on the top and bottom with thick concrete, extends beyond its supports and appears to hang in the air. Underneath is a passageway to buildings further east. The mass of the building is the cube rising from the base. The facade has concrete bas-relief panels inlaid between full height concrete columns. Windows are simply the absence of these panels. Just under the thick concrete cornice line and where the cube meets its base are bands of deeper spaces. These serve to highlight the columns and articulate the massing.