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Facility Location:  
This represents emergency response location only, may not reflect occupants mailing address.
430 College Ave
City of Ithaca
NY -
Construction Date:   1988
Gross Area:   111,530 sq ft
Net Area:   81,030 sq ft
Architect:   James Stirling & Michael Wilford
Style:   Modern
Unit Facility Director:   eeg4 - Erik E. Gray
Building Coordinators
Maintenance Zone:   Endowed
Campus Site:   29 - Ithaca Main Campus
Jurisdiction:   City of Ithaca
State Owned?:   No
Historic Building:   NL - Not Listed as Landmark
Historic District:   NL - Not Located Within a District
Photo: Schwartz Ctr Performing Arts
The Schwartz Center for Performing Arts is Cornell's designer building built by one of the world's best-known architects and a protýgý of former Cornell architecture guru and fellow Britain Colin Rowe. The cramped site on College Ave is bounded by Sheldon Court, Cascadilla Hall, and Cascadilla Gorge. It sits at one of the main entrances to the campus. The building contains office, practice, and performing spaces for theater arts, including a proscenium theater, dance studio, and flexible theater. The building was designed to have been built in two stages, the proscenium theater first and other facilities to follow (the reserved building site would have been a temporary walled garden). The functions are grouped around a foyer which opens onto a loggia running the entire length of the building and along Cascadilla Gorge. The building is broken into distinct masses with the connotations of an Italian church (campanile, nave, and baptistery). The skin was intended to be a veneer of limestone with brick stringcourses. Black grained white Vermont marble and tan Dryvit were substituted due to their lesser cost.