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Facility Location:  
This represents emergency response location only, may not reflect occupants mailing address.
137 Reservoir Ave
City of Ithaca
NY -
Construction Date:   1933
Gross Area:   130,794 sq ft
Net Area:   109,429 sq ft
Architect:   William Haaughard
Style:   Beaux-Arts
Unit Facility Director:   wld2 - Bill Dowdall,  Jr
Building Coordinators
Maintenance Zone:   Contract-College
Campus Site:   29 - Ithaca Main Campus
Jurisdiction:   Contract College Facilities
State Owned?:   Yes
Historic Building:   NL - Not Listed as Landmark
Historic District:   NL - Not Located Within a District
Photo: Warren Hall
A major element of the Ag Quad, this Beaux Arts style building is typical of library buildings of the period. The building consists of three projecting blocks on the south facade, two equidistant from the ends and one centered, each having three bays. The central entrance bay contains a bronze sheathed double door with coupled columns above, in front of the second and third floors. The entire building has a rusticated stone facade on the first floor, with the second floor separated by a white granite beltcourse. Above this, through the second and third floors are smooth granite surfaced walls, with granite coping between the third and fourth floors. This building is typical of Beaux Arts buildings in that the interior reads through the exterior, with the large rooms present in each of the projecting bays. In 1958 an addition connecting Warren and Mann Library was built, thus closing the northeast corner of the quadrangle.