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Facility Location:  
This represents emergency response location only, may not reflect occupants mailing address.
212 Garden Ave
City of Ithaca
NY -
Construction Date:   1963
Gross Area:   84,605 sq ft
Net Area:   71,791 sq ft
Architect:   Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde
Style:   Modern
Unit Facility Director:   hwc1 - Henry W. Crans,  Jr
Building Coordinators
Maintenance Zone:   Endowed
Campus Site:   29 - Ithaca Main Campus
Jurisdiction:   City of Ithaca
State Owned?:   No
Historic Building:   NL - Not Listed as Landmark
Historic District:   NL - Not Located Within a District
Photo: Malott Hall
Malott hall is sited on Garden Ave just across from Bailey Hall. Entry is by a wide staircase which leads to a walkway to the door. Although a simple box mass, the facade patterning on the building heightens its appearance. Strip windows band the top and bottom floors, with tall thin windows between concrete panels at the middle floor. Thin, rectilinear concrete columns span the building's height in front of the windows, and extend to a protruding cornice line, without any ornamentation. This strong line is horizontally enhanced by a concrete cantilevered plane of the same thickness, overshadowing the door. Otherwise, the entry appears as a slot of glass centered between the rhythm of windows, columns and panels. Above the cornice a thin receded portion of the building extends to a second cornice line ending at the roof line. An addition was built to the south-east side. The addition follows Garden Ave and forms a grass court on Tower Road. Its facades are rows of strip windows. Where the ground floor recedes, thin circular columns support the upper floors.