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Infrastructure Properties and Planning Rewards & Recognition

Infrastructure Properties and Planning (IPP) has established a commitment to reward and recognize significant individual and team contributions and accomplishments of IPP employees.

Read about the winners of the 2014 Keystone and Cornerstone Awards and their contributions to Cornell University!

Excerpts from the 2014 IPP Employee Celebration

Good News Kudos presentation


Employees of the Quarter

Nomination Form (Web)    
Nomination Form (Printable)

The IPP Employees of the Quarter program recognizes three teams/individuals each quarter that go “above and beyond” their normal duties to accomplish something exceptional. The IPP Employees  of the Quarter should continuously exhibit the IPP organizational values of Truth, Respect, Excellence, Teamwork, and Integrity. Nominations are considered for a period of 3 months. Individual winners are eligible to be awarded every 3 years.

Awardees will receive a bonus of $200 gross for individuals and $400 gross for a team.

If you need assistance submitting a nomination, feel free to contact a member of the IPP Rewards & Recognition Committee: Vicki Davis, Erik Eshelman, Kristin Gutenberger, Tom King, Jessica Lang, Pam Lockwood, Rob Morris, Deborah Redman, Sue Kern Wilkins.

Keystone Awards

Nomination Form

The Keystone Awards will be presented on an annual basis at the IPP Employee Celebration. The number of awards given annually will be at the discretion of the IPP awards committee and the VP of IPP. Individuals will receive the entire bonus amounts; teams will split the award equally among team members.

All nominees must consistently demonstrate the Cornell University Skills for Success, consistently demonstrate Facilities Services values, and have documented examples of accomplishments that align within one or more of the following five criteria.

  • Keystone Award - Excellence in service to the organization and consistently providing quality output in work activities. This award is the highest honor and will be awarded to the individual or team that exemplifies excellence and many of the qualities listed below in their work. Bonus amount: $5000 gross.
    • Cornerstone Award - Effectiveness Improvement - Implemented an innovative process improvement that had a significant cost and/or time savings for the organization. Bonus amount: $1000 gross.
    • Cornerstone Award - Distinction in Teamwork - Had a positive impact on a team by giving distinguished service, making a difference, or implementing a quality of work/life improvement. Bonus amount: $1000 gross.
    • Cornerstone Award - Dedication to Developing Others - Commitment to mentoring others and contributing towards the goal of succession planning. Bonus amount: $1000 gross.
    • Cornerstone Award - Campus or Community Service - Volunteerism efforts either external or internal to Cornell University. Bonus amount: $1000 gross.
    • Steve Wright Bridge Award – Diversity and Inclusion - Demonstration of significant, ongoing commitment to fostering diversity within Facilities Services. Bonus amount $1000 gross.

Regular and temporary Cornell University Infrastructure Properties and Planning employees are eligible to be nominated by other IPP employees. The employee’s most recent performance evaluation must be satisfactory to win the award. The nominee must have been employed by Cornell University for at least one year at the time of nomination.

Nomination Process
Nominations may be submitted by any temporary or regular Infrastructure Properties and Planning employee. The Nomination Form must be completed to submit an individual or team for consideration. Nominations may include endorsements or letters of recommendation from other people who are able to assess the nominee’s performance.
If you need assistance submitting a nomination, feel free to contact a member of the IPP Rewards & Recognition Committee: Vicki Davis, Erik Eshelman, Kristin Gutenberger, Tom King, Pam Lockwood, Rob Morris, Deborah Redman, Sue Kern Wilkins.

Selection Process
All nominations will be reviewed by theI PP awards committee. The committee will rank the nominations and forward the top ranked nominations to the VP of IPP for decision about who will receive the award that year. The number of awards given each year may vary.

Nomination period: January 1 - April 30
Nomination review period: May 1 - May 31
Award presentation: June 1 - July 31

Low Cost/No Cost Recognition

The following is a list of a few possible ideas for supervisors to recognize contributions of employees.

  • Treat people as they want to be treated.
  • Volunteer to do someone’s undesirable task.
  • Say thank you.
  • Take a department break in honor of someone.
  • Serve ice cream cups to employees on a hot day.
  • Manager cooks breakfast on special occasions. Have open Q&A over meal to talk about work topics.
  • Manager sends personalized birthday cards to everyone in the department.
  • Recognize office professionals on Office Professionals Day.
  • Dinner for two.
  • Lunch with supervisor.
  • Employee development by sending people to conferences or educational development events.
  • Acknowledge years of service or a service award by a presentation of a certificate and a meal or small gift certificate.
  • Recognize professional development (obtaining a degree, certification, license) with a raise or promotion.
  • Celebrate birthdays as a department with cake and/or card.
  • Host a holiday party that includes a meal and/or raffles.
  • Host a summer work party.
  • Recognize a safe work environment by awarding leave with pay for achieving milestones without injuries or lost work.
  • Recognize volunteerism with a bonus, meal, or paid time off.
  • Supervisors reward employees with a token free item (gift certificates, movie tickets, golf lessons, etc) from a department treasure chest.
  • If you can think of other ideas, please let us know!